100 Years of Interactive E-Learning


E-learning is not new. It’s been around for a hundred years, only for the first 90 years we called it “radio.” Now we’ve added slides, lost the bumper music, put it online and it’s become a mystery. Suddenly everyone seems to have forgotten the power of story telling and few have been successful at making driveway moments into desktop moments. Driveway moments; those moments when stories on the radio are so compelling you stay in your car and listen. Moments when the learner really does ignore incoming e-mail, instant messaging, and the temptation to surf the web.

So leave the bullet points behind and focus on capturing what been right in e-learning for a 100 years. Focus on true connectivity.

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One Response to 100 Years of Interactive E-Learning

  1. envible says:


    Yes, you are truly right. In fact we, Zenitum, is one of the companies trying to deliver better tools to people for sharing knowledge with connectivity.

    You might want to try our video conferencing service, Palbee.com. It’s free just like any other Web 2.0 sites. ONE hour + FIVE people video conferencing on Flash thus no download or installation.

    Most importantly, Palbee provides free recording option for those who want presentations, seminars (or webinars), video meeting logs, or e-Learnings. Once you record them, you can embed any web pages such as blogs, or wikis.
    That way you can share your knowledge in a package of video + whiteboard which is most well know e-Learning format.

    We are also trying to make an converting engine from our proprietary format to ubiquitous FLV video format so that people can download them on their video-enabled iPod.

    I uploaded sample recordings on my “Palbee Recordings List” blog (http://palbee.blogspot.com/) or you can visit the Palbee site (http://www.palbee.com)

    Let me know if there is anything to improve the quality. We always need feedbacks from learning experts like you regarding on our service. Thanks

    Albert Kim

    P.S. We’ve found out some regions of N. America are having trouble to playback the recordings, although the video conferencing itself is working just fine. If you have trouble, please let me know.

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