Don’t shoot: Stop Bullet Point Overkill

Bullet Point OverKill 

Bullets points are not the answer. What value do they add to a presentation when the text is already in a 28 point font and is the only text on the screen?

If you must use bullet points, use them sparingly and use them well.  Here is one slide example (Click once to advance the slide).* 

PowerPoint presentations can shine without bullet points.

Think before you shoot.

*The animation is better in PowerPoint, NOT PowerPoint Viewer.

2 thoughts on “Don’t shoot: Stop Bullet Point Overkill

  1. When I am teaching new trainers about the preparation of a PowerPoint slide, I remind them that if they have more than 5 bullet points, then that slide has failed. The PPP is there to make points, not make the presentation. If what you are attempting to communicate requires more than 5 points, then you are failing to communicate. I personally like a minimalist approach to PowerPoint slides… that is I prefer Images [which are more powerful] to correspond to the points that I am presenting.

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