iStockphoto Free Image of the Week

I’ve been using Istockphoto for about three years. Each week they post a free image for registered users. Each image is available in multiple sizes with the same basic licensing agreement that accompanies purchased images.

Below is an image from this past April. A simple design that’s just right.

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6 Responses to iStockphoto Free Image of the Week

  1. dakwegmo says:

    Flickr has a lot of photos that are free for use under the Creative Commons license. Many only require attribution of the creator.

  2. Ed Book says:

    I’m wondering how the folks that are providing the images that iStockphoto are feeding their families if they are working for free.


  3. Ed Book says:

    hmmm, my complete comment didn’t get through intact, I’ll post it again and hopefully it will this time:

    I’m wondering how folks that are providing the images that iStockphoto are giving away for free are feeding their families.


  4. Ed,

    Not all of the photos they offer are free. I have no idea if the contributors generate enough income from to feed their families or if they have families. As I understand it the contributors are a mix from every photographic walk of life. Some full time and some part time.

    The owners of iStockphoto are doing well enough that they sold the company to Getty Images for $50 million.

    Thanks for the comment and for the link to your site!


  5. I’m an Istock contributor, and I can tell you that that most contributors don’t rely on this for their entire income. There are a few though that make a very nice living from the site. They are talented commercial photographers who treat this like a business and work very smart. There is one image (out of millions) per week that is offered for free, and the contributors actually put offer those up with the hope of being chosen. It drives a lot of traffic to their portfolio and presumably increases their overall sales.

  6. Matthew says:

    Thanks, Michael!

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