Expanding My Online Identity.

Two days ago I purchased the rights to three domain names:,, and Currently they point to this blog.

Any content related to these three URLs prior to 08/26/08 belonged to someone else. For next decade anyone who visits these sites will find, me.

To all the other Matthew Lees, Matthew R. Lees, and yes even Matthew Russell Lees out there, I have an interest in your name. We have a shared identity. As I work to separate my identity from yours, I wish you all the best in defining your own virtual persona.

2 thoughts on “ Expanding My Online Identity.

  1. Kind of an OCD… Must have names!!!

    Personally I prefer to attempt to keep all mention of my real life name from public display on the internet.
    There is already enough identity fraud without giving out details freely, even when you are not buying online.


    A domain name says a lot about you if your registrar doesn’t have ‘anonymous’ as an option.

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