Yard Sale (Part 1): Russian Nesting Doll


Didn’t make it to the USSR before it went back to being just plain old Russia? You’re not alone.

But now you can own a piece of rare Soviet era memorability!

Bearing the stamp “Made in USSR” this 1989 Russian nesting doll or Matryoshka doll, hand selected and purchased on the streets of Leningrad (the City formerly known as “Saint Petersburg,” currently known as “Saint Petersburg”) can now be part of your collection.

Five space saving gender neutral dolls in one offer!

Now you can tell your children and grandchildren the story of Soviet conquest and collapse with smaller nations swallowed up in the belly of Mother Russia with this stunning visual aid!

Yes, this doll and all the Cold War symbolism you can muster can be yours and yours alone for the unbelievably American price of only $9.95! That’s right, $9.95! Give me a ten and I’ll give you a back nickel.

(Note: Quarter not included in sale. Used for size reference only.)