Yard Sale (Part 3): Wall Mounted Wooden Display Cabinet

IMG_2790Ever pay too much for something then realized you didn’t need it? You’re not alone.

This time I’ve saved you the trouble by doing it for you! Yes, that’s right I paid way too much for this beautiful late 1970s style wood cabinet with a mirrored back and glass shelves, and I didn’t need it! It can be yours for less than half the price and none of the regret!

Comes with three removable glass shelves for easy cleaning and removable metallic golden edge on each shelve to suit your home décor needs. The one-way mirror gives the needed illusion of having more room inside. Makes seeing both sides of your well-displayed treasures or medicine bottles effortless.

Perfectly designed for a bathroom, man cave, or anyplace you can drive a nail. It’s yours for just $19.95! That’s right just $19.95 no shipping and handling. Find a space for it on your wall today!

Height: 28 1/4″
Width: 15 3/8”
Depth: 6 1/4″

Shelf depth: 4 3/4″
Shelf length: 4 7/8″

Hanging mechanism: Wire.