Yard Sale (Part 6): Vintage mostly unopened Records

IMG_2779Looking for just the right gift for your hipster child or grandchild? Maybe you need something for that “special” someone in your life during in the post St. Patrick’s Day lull? You’re not alone.

Nothing says I understand you like a vintage vinyl record. The more obscure the music, the better.

Sooth their need for popular obscurity with vintage vinyl. Do they have a record player? Does it matter? Of course not. They’ll enjoy the irony either way. Like an unused fire extinguisher, just having one on the shelf is comfort enough.

They’ll have hours of fun feeling the texture of the grooves, googling the names of song writers and terms like “monaural phonographs.” Yes, all as an expression of your love and deep insight into their complex world.

Not available in stores, these near one-of-a-kind pieces of black plastic surrounded in mid-century cardboard can be yours for the incredible low price of $3.99 each.

That’s right! For nearly a third the cost of minimum wage in Washington DC, give your child, grandchild, or that special someone the gift that keeps on giving. The gift they’ll treasure too much to ever use, the gift of music on vinyl.

That’s $3.99 each or act now and get the entire collection for $24.99! You heard that right, buy all 9 albums and save over $10.00! Unbelievable!

Get them all today!

$3.99 each
$24.99 for the set

Russ Columbo on Air, the “Romeo of Radio” – unopened
Uncle Dave’s 78rpm Nostalgia Party #3 – opened
Al Jolson on the Silver Screen – unopened
Songs of our Times 1922 – unopened
Songs of our Times 1924 – unopened
Songs of our Times 1934 – opened
Songs of our Times 1935 – unopened
Songs of our Times 1940 – opened
Lawrence Welk Memories – opened