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Bryan Stevenson: We need to talk about an injustice

I find myself mentioning this talk often. I think it’s worth your time. Advertisements

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An Ever-Changing Map: Why the House said No to LaVista Hills (and how they got around it).

As a follow up to a shorter post on the LaVista Hills proposal, here is a partial transcript from the official video of Day 39 in the Georgia House of Representatives with an introduction (Video: Day 39 PM PT2). This was the … Continue reading

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Like Riding a Bike: Technical and Customer Service Skills

It’s often said that people are hired for technical skills and fired for people skills. That’s not entirely accurate, but it is true that people are fired for having a disconnected between the two. There has to be a strong … Continue reading

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Online Yard Sale

In March I decided to sell a few items online through a local Facebook yard sale group. I put a little more effort into each description than a typical listing and the results paid off. I sold almost everything and the descriptions … Continue reading

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Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group: “Ten Pretty Good Rules”

A list of “Ten Pretty Good Rules” from the Fellows of the Naval Operations Strategic Studies Group. Never argue with an idiot; people watching may not be able to tell the difference! Observe everything; admire nothing! It’s easier to obtain forgiveness … Continue reading

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When Change Doesn’t Make Sense and Why it Should

Nearly everyone experiences the frustration of unexpected change. Patterns of life and work flow are often interrupted by innovations that don’t make sense. Everything from software and TV remotes to roadways and voting locations. Change typically comes without much explanation and … Continue reading

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Ready to Turn Around?

True story. A couple living in Georgia drives to Utah to visit family. While in Colorado they see a sign that says ‘Shortest route to Salt Lake City’ and they decide to follow the sign and take the road. The highway … Continue reading

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