Recreational Criticism


Recreational critics. You know them well. Whether it’s someone’s shoes, hair, or children these critics can’t seem to help themselves from pointing out flaws. It’s one of their favorite hobbies, a past time, solely for entertainment.

In polite society we turn our head away from the crowd before we sneeze or cough. Why is it that when someone has meaningless criticism and a desire to share it, they run directly into the crowd and intentionally spread it as far and wide as they can?

Even more surprising is how readily we, the listeners, adopt this critical attitude. We become hosts, drones, passing on these parasitic words. If someone sneezes on you, you’ll get over 99% of whatever bug you may have picked up. The percentages for overcoming the damaging effects of a critical nature are much lower. The antibodies come as a higher price.

Be careful to whom you lend your ear. Is there value in the criticism? Can something good come of it? If not, don’t feed the hobby.