Online Yard Sale


In March I decided to sell a few items online through a local Facebook yard sale group. I put a little more effort into each description than a typical listing and the results paid off.

I sold almost everything and the descriptions entertained more than a few readers.

Often it’s more about creating an experience than the worth of the product. What we put in is what we get out.

Re-posting each item for you entertainment.

Yard Sale (Part 1): Russian Nesting Doll

Yard Sale (Part 2): A Grammar of Akkadian

Yard Sale (Part 3): Wall Mounted Wooden Display Cabinet

Yard Sale (Part 4): Refrigerator Magnet Collection But Wait! There’s More!

Yard Sale (Part 5): Blue 1964/65 New York World’s Fair Stein

Yard Sale (Part 6): Vintage mostly unopened Records

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